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Our Process

At Saline Stahl Wealth Management Group, we use the strength of the Seven-Step Financial Planning Process created by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards. We begin by taking the time to understand our client’s current financial picture and long-term goals. This helps us prescribe the most appropriate solutions to address our clients’ needs. Because life is far from stagnant, we meet with our clients to help review progress, adjust for life’s changes, and help ensure plans stay on track. Throughout the process, we provide financial guidance through education and partnership to help make sense of the complex world of financial planning and gain the calm confidence that comes with a flexible and sound financial plan.

Our Financial Planning Process consists of the following steps:

1. Understand the Client’s Personal and Financial Circumstances

In this first step, we review and gather the qualitative and quantitative information concerning our clients’ personal and financial circumstances. This includes the clients’ health, family circumstances, values, cash flow, available resources, needs, risk tolerances, and priorities. We then analyze this information to assess our clients’ circumstances and address any gaps in information we may have in order to determine the scope of our engagement.

2. Identify and Select Goals

During step two, we meet with our clients to learn as much as we can about their personal circumstances. We work together with our clients to help determine and prioritize their personal and financial goals.

3. Analyze the Client’s Current Course of Action and Potential Alternative Course(s) of Action

Next, we analyze our clients’ current course of action, including material advantages and disadvantages in order to chart a course that maximizes the potential for meeting our clients’ goals. Depending on our clients’ needs and goals, this may include analyzing assets, liabilities, cash flow, current insurance coverage, investments, and tax strategies. In this step, where appropriate, we consider alternative courses of action to maximize the potential of our clients meeting their goals.

4. Develop the Financial Planning Recommendations

Once our analysis is complete, we outline our recommendations on courses of action to take in order to address our clients’ goals and priorities. This includes the assumptions and estimates used, the timing and priority of the recommendations, and whether the recommendation is independent or must be implemented with another recommendation.

5. Present the Financial Planning Recommendation(s)

Together with our clients, we review our recommendations in detail to help our clients make the most informed decisions possible. We listen to our clients concerns and revise our recommendations as desired, based on feedback.

6. Implement the Financial Plan

Once we and our clients come to an understanding on a course of action, we review how the plan will be carried out. We put our clients plan into action, continuing to serve as our clients’ “personal CFO" while coordinating with other professionals, such as attorneys or accountants, as needed. When programs or products are recommended for us to implement, we explain the basis for our recommendation, provide information on any conflicts of interest, and provide alternative recommendations when appropriate.

7. Monitor Progress and Update

As a full-service wealth management firm, Saline Stahl Wealth Management Group closely monitors the progress of our clients’ financial plans. We meet frequently with our clients to keep them informed on their progress and discuss any changes that may be recommended due to market shifts, economic conditions, or changes in their personal life or goals. As appropriate, we will update recommendations or implementation decisions based on current conditions. Financial plans are dynamic adjusting throughout time to meet our clients’ changing needs.

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