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Pension & Retirement Plan OCIO Services

As an employer and plan sponsor, you care about setting your employees up for the best chance at retirement success as well as the health of your organization. The decisions you make regarding your pension plan may materially impact both, while navigating related complexities and risks takes precious time from your business. Are you sure you have everything covered? Regulations and obligations, your fiduciary requirements, perhaps a complex liability – and more – can affect company earnings, cash flow and stress levels.

Whether your plan is a traditional defined benefit or cash balance plan, ESOP trust, employer-directed profit-sharing plan or a more esoteric structure, we are holistic institutional investment consultants who can help you breathe easy.

How We’ll Work Together

How We’ll Work Together

Consultative & comprehensive engagement – decisions will be collaborative and fees transparent, always acting with sponsor and participants’ best interests in mind.

We’re your single point of contact to all your providers – when questions and issues arise, we’ll take the lead toward a resolution.

Custom tailored bundled or a la carte offering – you’ll only pay for services you need.

If you prefer a traditional consultant relationship or need help with your provider search, we also have you covered.

OCIO Offering

OCIO Offering

We are an extension of your team, sitting on the same side of the table as co-fiduciary.

  • Asset allocation & open architecture portfolio construction.
  • Risk management – portfolio optimization, diversification, asset-liability analytics.
  • Rebalancing & ongoing monitoring.
  • Statements & performance reporting.
  • Investment reviews at your preferred cadence.
  • Investment policy statement creation & consultation.
Investment Approach

Investment Approach

  • Goal-alignment: Strategic Asset Allocation is the major driver of risk and return – we partner together to determine an appropriate blend of asset classes by exploring benefits and tradeoffs.
  • Portfolio balance: Broad diversification is the primary source of long-term volatility mitigation.
  • Cost consciousness: You keep what you don’t pay, leaving more assets subject to the phenomenon of compounding growth.
  • Discipline: Emotional & market-timing decisions are likely to degrade performance over the long run. Portfolio changes are deliberate and primarily influenced by strategic goal changes and/or funded status.  

We get you back to focusing on your business. Start with a call with an experienced Institutional Investment Consultant – we’ll be here when you’re ready.